Having spoken to the nice folks at Zabar\’s this morning, I would like to advise one and all that the store is running its “cyber Monday” promotion again this year.  Buy $49 or more on line, and get a 20% discount. 

Me, I will be buying 6 lbs of Zabar\’s great, great coffee (If you buy 4 or more lbs., you get free shipping to boot.)  Our preference is to get 4 lbs of the strongest stuff they make – some feel it is the dark espresso, others the Vienna or Italian roast – and two lbs of hazelnut to mix it with. 

Anyway, for the Zabar\’s aficionados in the house, there\’s the news.  Happy ordering!


UPDATE:  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  It is now 10:15AM on Monday, and the order was just made.  6 lbs of delicious Zabar\’s coffee delivered to my door for a total – everything, tax included – of $57.50.  Less than the no-name, often stale bean coffee they sell at your local supermarket.

If you want the same discount I got, when ordering use the code CYBER14.  But do it fast:  the 20% discount is only until 1:00PM!!

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