Have you noticed that when it gets very warm they call it “Global Warming” and when it gets very cold they call it “Climate Change”?

Do you realize (I\’m assuming you do) that, either way, it keeps the billions (yes, billions) of grant money dollars coming?

Today\’s paragraph comes to us from Brian C. Joondeph, writing for  It talks about the latest “explanation” for why very warm and very cold weather – phenomena we have seen throughout history – are suddenly requiring of all this grant money:

Blameit on the polar vortex, accordingto climate scientists. Warming oceans and melting ice areweakening the vortex, causing colder, snowier winters. Huh? Thisyear has given us, “The earliest ice on some of the Great Lakesin at least 40 years.” Arctic ice is decreasing as Antarctic ice isincreasing, meaning ashift, not a net loss. How does one reasonably draw conclusionsfrom conflicting and contradictory data? Unless the conclusions areforegone and data is simply window dressing.

Yeah, ok.  Sure. 

I don\’t doubt that humankind\’s activities have some affect on the climate.  But I have seen enough information showing that our “contribution” (if you want to call it that) is so minimal compared to other factors, to suspect that it almost doesn\’t matter at all.  That is why I join Brian C. Joondeph in questioning the chicken-little-like tossing of all this money at scientists who ignore whichever parts of the story do not fit their neat, profitable positions, and contort every climate change, warmer or colder, into “proof” they are right.

Put another way, last night my wife and I saw the new movie about Stephen Hawking, titled “The Theory Of Everything”.  The global warming/climate change crowd ought to sue whoever came up with that title for plagiarism.

Mr. Joondeph wins Paragraph Of The Day honors for writing in a way that makes them and their theories look as suspect as they should look.

(By the way, in “The Theory Of Everything”, Eddie Redmayne, as Stephen Hawkings, was tremendous – an Oscar favorite if there ever was one.  And Felicity Jones, as his wife, is right up there too).

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