Today’s quote comes to us from….

….well, tell you what:  first I will show you the quote so that you can react to it and draw your own conclusions.  Then I’ll tell you who said it:

And yet the turmoil of recent weeks reminds us that the path to democracy does not end with the casting of a ballot. Nelson Mandela once said: “to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” True democracy demands that citizens cannot be thrown in jail because of what they believe, and businesses can be opened without paying a bribe. It depends on the freedom of citizens to speak their minds and assemble without fear; on the rule of law and due process that guarantees the rights of all people.

In other words, true democracy – real freedom – is hard work. Those in power have to resist the temptation to crack down on dissent. In hard economic times, countries may be tempted to rally the people around perceived enemies, at home and abroad, rather than focusing on the painstaking work of reform.

There’s the quote.  What do you think?

Does it make sense?  Would you say it is relevant to what is going on in our country right now?

I’m guessing the answer to both questions is yes.  But who said it?

Here’s your answer:  the author of that quote is Barack Obama.  It is from a speech he made at the United Nations on September 25, 2012.

I award Mr. Obama Quote Of The Day honors for saying the right words.

Maybe he would like to send a copy of that speech to his pals Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and to the CEOs of Twitter, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. – along with their complicitors in mainstream media.

If Mr. Obama believes what he said then, it’s the least he can do.


  • Surprise surprise Mr. Obama had a good idea. Question is who wrote that speech? And our Constitutional Republic granted that right in 1791 December 15. It is know as Amendment I of the Bill of Rights!

  • Obama is the one who put most of this deep state in place and spied on the opposition party, do you think they only did it to Trump?

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