Kamala Harris is upset.

It seems the incoming Vice President of the United States is slated to be on cover of February’s Vogue magazine, and she does not like the picture that was selected for this honor.

From Darlene Superville’s article for the Associated Press, via the Washington Times, we find that…

…”her team says there’s a problem: The shot of the country’s soon-to-be No. 2 leader isn’t what both sides had agreed upon, her team says.  Instead of the powder blue power suit Harris wore for her cover shoot, the first African American woman elected vice president is instead seen in more casual attire and wearing Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, which she sometimes wore on the campaign trail.”

Oh, the horror of it.

Point of order:  Melania Trump has not only been First Lady of the United States for four years, she was a world-famous fashion model whose images graced countless magazines, both cover and inside pages.

But in the four years since Mr. Trump took office?  Not one magazine cover.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  No powder blue suit.  No casual attire.  No designer sneakers. Nothing.

Maybe Kamala Harris’ people might reflect on that before whining about which highly complimentary picture will grace the February issue of Vogue.


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