As I type this, President Obama is winding up a “summit” of sorts with the Presidents of Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala – after which there will be a press conference. 

If Mr. Obama is at all serious about maintaining the integrity of our borders, he has told them to immediately stop the flow of illegal aliens across those borders – especially Mexico, which the Guatemalan and Honduran illegals must travel through to get to the United States. 

He will, it seems to me, threaten significant sanctions if this perfectly reasonable demand is not met.

And he will exhort them to finally get serious about a) breaking up the gangs which permeate their societies, driving violence and murder rates through the roof and b) taking care of their people – in part with the aid we send – so that they will not risk life and limb to flee their countries.

Do I expect to hear Mr. Obama has done anything like that?  No.  But it is not impossible, and I would love to be surprised in the positive.

Let\’s wait for the press conference.  Then we\’ll know for sure.

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