For the first time in months (and maybe the 2nd or 3rd time overall), I watched a small portion of Chuck Todd\’s “The Daily Rundown” show on (where else?) MSNBC.

Those few moments vividly reminded me of why I have so little regard for Chuck Todd.

Todd was doing a segment on the flood of illegal aliens coming across our borders from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and who knows where else (we certainly don\’t).

During that report, what he did not do was refer to the illegals as illegals – an intentional deception which Todd and, more generally, NBC News is far from alone in perpetuating.  

What he did do, however, was discuss the difficulty in amending the 2008 legislation which requires that illegals from countries other than Mexico and Canada be given a judicial hearing rather than simply being deported — which he referred to as “The Bush legislation”. 

This, of course, directly suggests that our border crisis is the fault of that terrible George Bush – who, in the eyes of MSNBC is responsible for everything else that went wrong in the past, is going wrong now, and presumably will go wrong in the future…probably until another Republican President takes office, at which time it will again be the responsibility of the guy in charge.

Why do I have a problem with Todd\’s issuance of sole responsibility to George Bush?  After all, Mr. Bush did support and  push for the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (that\’s the legislation\’s formal name).

Because when that act was put before the House of Representatives, it passed by a vote of 405 – 2.  Then, when it was put before the US Senate, it passed by unanimous consent.  And, to put a little icing on the cake, the two “No” votes in the house were Republicans, not Democrats, along with 14 of the 25 who declined to vote at all.

This means if every Republican in both houses decided not to show up for work the day those votes took place, so only Democrats voted, the legislation would have passed unanimously.   And if President Bush decided this act, in its final form, was not acceptable and vetoed it, Democrats would have overridden his veto with loads of room to spare.

How, then, does George Bush and George Bush alone become responsible for this legislation?  Only in the “minds”, such as they are, of partisans-posing-as-neutral-correspondents like Chuck Todd.

Thank you, Chuck, for again reminding me why you are not worth paying attention to.

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