Ted Cruz is a United States Senator.  While at Princeton University, he won a raft of awards for his debating talents.  Mr. Cruz graduated Princeton cum laude, and then graduated Harvard Law School magna cum laude.  Alan Dershowitz – certainly no fan of Mr. Cruz\’s politics – characterized him as “off the charts brilliant”.

So why would I ask if he is a blithering idiot? 

Because that is what he was called by advertising executive Donny Deutch, during today\’s “Morning Joe” show on (where else?) MSNBC – with no argument at all from any of the other four of five people sitting around the table.

And why was he called a “blithering idiot”?  Because he said this about the FAA\’s suspension of flights into/out of Tel Aviv, Israel…as reported by Kevin Robillard of

“Thefacts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatoryagency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try toforce our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands,” Cruzsaid in a statement Wednesday, pointing to earlier comments fromSecretary of State John Kerry implying Israel\’s economy wouldsuffer it the country\’s occupation of Palestine

“ThisFAA flight ban may well represent a crippling blow to a key economicsector through both security concerns and worries that additionalbans will down more flights and strand more passengers,” he said.”It hardly matters if or when the ban is lifted. At this point, thedamage may already be done.”

Is Mr. Cruz correct in his assessment (and let\’s remember that it is not an accusation, it is an assessment – a speculation he says is suggested by the facts)?  I don\’t know.

But is it reasonable to speculate that a President who has been completely immersed in the political part of his office since becoming President – who vindictively closed WWII monuments to veterans along with Mt. Rushmore – including the lookout points on the roads near it – during that government “shutdown”, who decided it was too politically embarrassing to be at the border while in Texas last week, and who has spent the last two days running from one fundraiser to another on the west coast while the world is exploding – might have had a hand in the FAA\’s shutdown?

Sure it is.

Mr. Cruz also pointed out that the FAA suspended flights into/out of Israel based on one rocket that landed a mile from the airport, but did not suspend flights into/out of the Ukraine, even after a commercial plane was downed by a missile, killing all 300 passengers.

Asking again:  is it reasonable for Ted Cruz  to speculate that politics may have had a hand in the FAA decision?

And, if the answer is yes, who is the “blithering idiot” here – or, maybe, just someone so partisan and full of hate for conservatives that he would make an imbecilic comment like that?

Looked in the mirror recently, Donny?

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