While Israel and hamas are in the final period of a 12 hour cease fire, I thought you might be interested in reading this, compiled from “The Israel Project”:

IsraeliHebrew – and English – language media outlets reported earlyFriday that Hamas\’s offensive tunnel network – which is now knownto have been composed of over two dozen attack tunnels dug underneathIsrael\’s border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip – was set tobe activated during the Jewish High Holidays in the form of a massterror attack.Israeli security sources, citing information acquired ininterrogations of captured Hamas fighters, described a scenario underwhich hundreds of heavily armed Hamas fighters would have spilled outinto Israel in the dead of night and within 10 minutes have been in aposition to infiltrate several sparsely populated and lightly guardedIsraeli communities. Palestinian terrorists would then – peran assessment conveyed by i24news – have sought to “kill andkidnap as many Israelis as they could.” Details of plot, which werefirst published by the Hebrew-language Ma\’ariv, describedit as set to take place when Israelis would have been celebratingthe Jewish New Year, on or around September 24. Observers noted thatattack scenarios lined up with recently revealed data about the scopeand nature of the offensive tunnel network. The IDF recentlypublished amap showing that the tunnels were created to empty out on bothsides of nearby communities. Israeli military officials hadalready reported that the tunnel entrances are stocked withtranquilizers, handcuffs, ropes, and other materials useful forsubduing abducted civilians and soldiers. And the known cost of theinfrastructure – with each tunnel costing roughly $1 million -implies that Hamas leaders were planning a coordinated mega-attack,since use of even one of the tunnels was likely to trigger an Israeliretaliation against the entire network. Revelations regarding themagnitude of the planned tunnel attack are thought to have played acritical role in the Israeli government\’s rejection of a ceasefireproposed late Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry, whichwould have prohibited the Israelis from degrading remainingattack tunnels.

Millions of dollars spent on tunnels to export terrorism – with full knowledge that, even if only marginally successful, would have unleashed a terrible price on innocent Gazan citizens.

Untold amounts of steel and concrete, which could have been used to build infrastructure and improve the lives of those citizens – most of whom live in squalor, because what aid money is not siphoned off into personal accounts of their beloved “leaders” is used for these purposes instead.  (The difference in living conditions from one side of the border to the other is dramatically – but whose fault is that?)

This is what Israel has to deal with every day.  It\’s worth keeping in mind when you hear someone question why it Israel rejects any permanent truce until as many of these tunnels as possible are found and destroyed.

I\’ve said it countless times here, and I\’ll say it again now.  If Palestinian Arabs would stop trying to kill Israelis and start trying to learn from them, both sides would be 1000% better off.

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