This blog entry is for anyone who is still gullible enough to believe anything lois “liar” lerner says, or that she was in any way neutral.

lerner, you may recall, headed the IRS\’s tax exempt division when, as a matter of course, organizations seeking 501(c)4 tax exempt status, which had names suggesting opposition to President Obama, were put in limbo for years while the IRS demanded information (e.g. membership lists) it had no business asking for. 

Then, when called to testify about her activities, lerner pled the fifth, like a mafia hood.  And as the circle closed in around her, the IRS told us that, magically and mystically, years of her emails, which might have exonerated or incriminated her, were irretrievably lost – and as a remarkable coincidence, so were emails from at least a half dozen other people who worked with her.

I don\’t care where you live; the stench from this pile of mung extends from Washington DC to your location.

Now, it turns out that Republicans have unearthed some of her emails from November 2012, right in the middle of this scandal.  I think you\’ll agree that they do not exactly paint a picture of neutrality.

Excerpted from an article at Fox News (among many other sites presenting the same information):

House Republicans have dug up emails from Lois Lerner in which the former IRS official refers to some in the Republican Party as “—holes” and “crazies” – an exchange they say shows her “animus” toward conservatives.

The November 2012 emails were released Wednesday by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., as part of his renewed call for the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate. Lerner is the ex-IRS official who led the unit accused of targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny.

In the email exchange, Lerner appears to be chatting with another unidentified individual about a vacation in Great Britain. She describes how she overheard “some ladies” talking about how America is “going down the tubes.”

The person she tells this to responds that “you should hear the whacko wing of the GOP. The US is through; too many foreigners sucking the teat; time to hunker down, buy ammo and food, and prepare for the end. The right wing radio shows are scary to listen to.”

Lerner responds: “Great. Maybe we are through if there are that many —holes.”

After another email to her about how “rabid” the radio show callers are, Lerner responds: “So we don\’t need to worry about alien teRrorists. (sic) It\’s our own crazies that will take us down.”

In the November chain, Lerner also makes an off-color comment about class.

She describes visiting an “Edwardian English village” full of large houses — “which have been ruined by letting the hoi paloi live there!” (Hoi polloi is a term for common people.)

These people have ruined everything with their equality push!” she writes.

What a nice lady.  How could anyone possibly think she would act vindictively toward the conservative people she is kind enough to refer to as assholes and terrorists?

I long for this lying fraud to be brought to justice – though I doubt that it could ever happen while the Obama administration is in power. 

These people know how to take care of their friends.

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