Billy Sample is a former major league baseball player who, for years, has been a baseball announcer and, this past year, wrote, co-produced and starred in a movie (Reunion 108).

Billy and I are facebook friends (through a mutual acquaintance).  And, though we have never met, we have discussed/argued about politics in that forum – no problem at all finding disagreements since Billy is a hardline leftist and I am not.

His latest facebook entry (unless one is going up as I\’m typing this) is to “like” Russell Brand\’s takedown of a Sean Hannity TV segment on the Israel/hamas conflict.

Here it is.  Please watch as much of the Brand commentary as you care to and then I\’ll give you my opinion:

Did you watch it? How far did you get?

I packed it in after about 3 minutes, when – after commenting that Hannity looks like a Ken doll, telling us Hannity wants nothing but conflict, and justifying hamas\’ actions by telling us that “the side with inferior resources has to use more desperate tactics” (no suggestion of negotiation as an alternative – from the guy who just complained that Hannity wants nothing but conflict)…Brand informs us that:

“Bigcountries like Britain, America and Israel have proper militaryresources.  Small countries like Palestine or, uh, thereisn\’t a Palestine there, the Gaza strip, they don\’t have anarmy; they don\’t have one.  So if, in any way, they are going totry and defend themselves it\’s going to be what we would perceive, orterm, as acts of terror”.

Could this be dumber?

Let\’s start with a syllogism even Mr. Brand might understand:  hamas is a terrorist organization.  hamas runs Gaza.  Therefore Gaza is a terrorist entity. 

Next, there is the fact that Israel\’s current incursion was brought about by daily shellings of its land from Gaza – something no country would allow if it had the resources to do something about it.

What does Brand think Israel should do?  Conclude that, since Gaza is militarily inferior, it should be given a free pass to attack Israel daily?  Maybe that makes sense to him, but there\’s not a country on earth – not even his own country – which would allow its continued bombardment from a terrorist entity dedicated to its annihilation, without a significant response.

And then we come to Brand\’s claim that the Gaza strip is not a “big country” like “Britain, America or Israel”.  The ignorance here is breathtaking.  FYI:  America\’s land area (I assume he means only the USA) is 3,794,000 square miles.  The UK is dramatically smaller, at 94,526 square miles.  And Israel?  10, 425 square miles – about 1/37th the size of the USA, and 1/9th the size of the UK – with the Negev Desert (6,178 square miles) comprising 60% of it.

As I said, by that point I had enough.  Russell Brand, sitting on a couch in an cheap old shirt disseminating ignorance is not my idea of a good time.

I\’m really sorry it seems to float Billy\’s boat.  I wish he knew better.


UPDATE:  Incidentally, for whatever it means to you:

According to,  Brand – who is sitting there in a shirt that makes him look like a lower middle class plebe, is worth $15 million dollars.  

-Relationship-wise, Brand married singer Katy Perry – and that lasted all of 14 months. 

-Substance abuse-wise, Brand has been a hard-case drug user, including heroin (Brand claims he doesn\’t do drugs any more, and I hope he means it…but who knows?)

-Anger management-wise, Brand has problems which, in recent years, have caused him to be charged with violence and destruction of property.

Does this boy live in a glass house, or what?

I wonder how Russell Brand would feel about a video of Sean Hannity lolling around in cheap clothes as if he were just one of the guys, running a retrospective of Brand\’s life while interjecting sarcastic asides about each facet of its less-than-stellar components. 

Not very happy, I\’d bet.

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