Ken Berwitz

Today\’s paragraphscome to us from American Spectator\’s David Catron.  In his latestcommentary, which relates to the Donald Trump phenomenon.

First theparagraphs.  Then we\’ll discuss:

The left has long depicted thetypical Republican as a white, racist, misogynist male with a big bank balanceand a small brain. This is a caricature, of course, but the current electioncycle has produced an ostensible GOP presidential candidate who personifies theparody so closely that he may as well have been constructed in a laboratory bythe Democratic National Committee. Donald Trump is the cartoon Republican thatHillary Clinton and her media lackeys want to run against in 2016 and they areworking hard to assure that his florid, frowning visage becomes the face of theGOP.

As Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight notes, “Trump has received54 percent of the media coverage of the GOP primary.” He has been gettingmore free press than all the other Republican candidates combined. Trump’ssupporters believe this is about his skillful manipulation of the media. Inreality, it is they who are being played by a press corps that is giving him24/7 coverage to bolster his illusory lead in the national polls. But thesepolls tell us nothing about the state of the race. Because there\’s no suchthing as a national primary, they measure little more than name recognition.

The people who run the major mediaoutlets, such as CNN, are well aware of this reality. Yet they knowinglypublish misleading national surveys, like this poll releasedlast week, showing Trump with an implausible lead of 21 points over his nearestrival. Such “blockbuster” surveys provide a pretext for anothertsunami of “news” stories about his alleged lead, additionalinterviews, and more coverage of the campaign rallies during which he almostalways says something ignorant or offensive. These statements are then reportedas generally representative of GOP positions.

To see how this plays into thehands of Hillary Clinton, who is already in general election mode, one has onlyto look at how her campaign responded when Trump began braying about how shegot “schlonged” by Barack Obama in 2008. As the New York Times puts it, “For months, Mrs.Clinton\’s strategy was to hang Mr. Trump\’s more outrageous pronouncementsaround the necks of other Republican contenders, seeking to portray the party\’sentire field as extreme.” But now that he is talking about Clinton in histrademark misogynistic style, she and her campaign staff are giddy.

I\’m not sure Iagree 100% with Mr. Catron\’s overall characterization of Donald Trump. But it\’s very close.  And I am dead-on sure that Hillary Clintonwould love to run against him…and about what media will do with Trump, andother Republicans, if he is the nominee.

I award DavidCatron Paragraph Of The Day honors for bringing this home so well… Icontinue to wonder why other so-called political analysts don\’t see what hedoes. 

One other thing: I am particularly appreciative of the point David Catron makes aboutTrump\’s overwhelming media coverage being the reason he is ahead in polls (i.e.his lead is an artifact, created by name recognition), which I have saying forthe past several months, and have been feeling pretty lonely about.  Gladto see it in someone else\’s writing.

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