Today’s paragraphs come to us from Joshua Hersh’s article at  They discuss the increasing – make that rapidly increasing – use of violence by the hard left, and what it means.

Says Mr. Hersh:

Wednesday morning’s shooting of Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice in Virginia seemed to raise the question again. The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, was a Bernie Sanders-supporting man from Illinois with a record of anti-Trump rantings on social media. His politics have quickly become a talking point among some conservative pundits seeking a quick political score: proof of a looming leftist campaign against the government.

Experts in homegrown extremism say it’s not so simple — Hodgkinson had no known association to any left-wing extremist group. But they also say that the past few months have seen enough of a rise in politically motivated violence from the far left that monitors of right-wing extremism have begun shifting their focus, and sounding the alarm. They see indications that the uptick in extremist rhetoric and anti-government activism that characterized the early years of the Obama presidency are beginning to manifest on the far left in the early days of Trump’s, and that the two sides are increasingly headed for confrontation.

“I think we’re in a time when we can’t ignore the extremism from the Left,” said Oren Segal, the director of the Center on Extremism, an arm of the Anti-Defamation League. Over the past few months, the ADL, which hosts regular seminars on homegrown extremism for law enforcement officials, has begun warning of the rising threat posed by far-left groups, most recently at a seminar just this past Sunday. “When we have anti-fascist counterprotests — not that they are the same as white supremacists — that can ratchet up the violence at these events, and it means we can see people who are violent on their own be attracted to that,” Segal said. “I hate to say it, but it feels inevitable.

For many years, if we talked about extremism in the United States, we talked about the far right and racial supremacists – often one and the same.

But now – largely as the result of media looking the other way as it took place, thus encouraging it – the far left has caught up to the right. Maybe overtaken it and become pre-eminent in this sickness.

Joshua Hersh wins Paragraphs Of The Day for laying these facts out so well…and for, I would hope, opening a few eyes that, until now, have been determinedly shut tight.

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  • Yep, we have heard about far right groups for many years by the media what violence did we ever see???
    For over a year now we have seen far left violence but heard very little from the media. Why is this???
    Your call…

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