Ken Berwitz

Today\’s paragraph comes to us from Gail Collins – New York Times op-ed columnist, staunch leftist and, apparently, just as staunch defender of Planned Parenthood.

Ms. Collins\’ latest column deals with this week\’s House hearing,  in which Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, testified.

While referencing a question from one of the hated Republican committee members, who invoked “the sale of baby body parts”, she said:

This is of course a referenceto those heavily doctored videos that are supposed to prove that PlannedParenthood sells fetal tissue for a profit. They have been determined to befalse, false, false on one count after another, but the anti-abortion activistwho made them has never been invited to a congressional hearing to explainanything.

That so, Ms. Collins?  I have some questions for you:

-When you say the videos have been “heavily doctored”, what do you mean?  That hours of video were culled down to a more managable size?  If so, what\’s your point?  That is what every network news show does.  It is what the New York Times does whenever it reports someone\’s comments.  It is what you yourself did in this very column – by quoting Jim Jordan in the next paragraph. and Gerry Connolly in the paragraph after that one.

Are you aware that the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), which created the videos, put the entire raw footage on – every second of every video?  If these were “heavily doctored”, therefore, it would be no problem to show us specific examples.  Where are they?  

-Are you saying the videos were edited to, for example, put statements in a different order so they would communicate a different meaning?  Or that parts of statement were removed for the same purpose?  If so, I remind you again that CMP has provided 100% access to every second of every video…but I have yet to see you, or any other Planned Parenthood defender, show us even one specific instance of its people\’s comments being “doctored” or “edited” to change the meaning of what they said.  Where are those examples?  How come you don\’t reference any?

-And on what basis do you claim that the sale of fetal tissue for a profit has been determined to be false, false, false?  By who?  Planned Parenthood?  Your like-minded pro-Planned Parenthood media pals?  

-I have seen and heard the passages in those videos where Directors of major Planned Parenthood facilities sat down with people they thought were buyers and negotiated the price of baby organs.  Are you saying they were mirages?  

Look, I am not against women choosing to abort their pregnancies (at least until there is a beating heart and brain activity), and I have no problem with the existence of abortion clinics.  My problem is with Planned Parenthood.

And with you.  Because you are claiming that something is false, while providing exactly zero in the way of evidence.  

Frankly, this makes you look ridiculous….unless you are correctly understanding your readership to be people so supportive of the “a woman\’s right to choose” slogan, that it doesn\’t matter what is being done or who is doing it. 

I award Gail Collins Paragraph Of The Day “honors” for showing us a truly remarkable level of arrogance and lack of journalistic integrity.  Congratulations to you, Ms. Collins.  And I look forward to more of the same because I have a feeling this will not be your last win.

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