Ken Berwitz

Hillary Clinton\’s campaign reported that it raised $28 million over the past quarter.   That sounds pretty impressive, until you consider the fact that Bernie Sanders, an obscure senator from Vermont who is challenging her for the Democrat nomination (while Joe is Biden his time), raised just about as much – $26 million.  

She can\’t outraise Bernie Sanders?  This is a campaign in trouble. 

But there is more.

Now it is being reported that Russia tried to hack into her email account – the PERSONAL email account she used through four years as Secretary of State. Supposedly Russia did it by sending emails that she got a speeding ticket (Ms. Clinton says she has not driven in decades) and asking for information to be emailed back that would put some kind of malware in her system and allow them to access it.

I consider the report absurd.  

Why?  Because I personally get the same kind of emails.  So, I suspect do you and so does just about everyone else.  

Does anyone in his/her right mind think that Russia\’s intelligence apparatus had no other way to hack a personal server than that?  Or China\’s intelligence apparatus?  Or Iran\’s?  Or North Korea\’s?  

I have no doubt at all that every one of those countries (among others) had full access to Ms. Clinton\’s emails throughout the entire four years.  

Thanks, Hillary.

The meltdown continues.

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