Today\’s paragraph comes to us from John Hinderaker, writing for  In his latest piece, Mr. Hinderaker pumps out a litany of ugly crime statistics for Baltimore (Freddie Gray), New York (Eric Garner) and Saint Louis Michael Brown), then makes the following point:

It is really quite extraordinary. Violent crime rose until the mid-1990s, when the public demanded a widespread police crackdown that proved immensely successful. Homicide rates declined nationwide by around 50%, and there were similar drops in robbery, rape, aggravated assault and other violent crimes. QED: America had learned how to combat violent crime. But now that lesson has been unlearned, as liberals have concluded that police forces are to blame for the ills of inner-city America. The resulting attack on law enforcement has crippled multiple police forces\’ ability to fight crime aggressively. So, what has happened? In areas where liberals have seized control and attacked the police, violent crime appears to be returning to its mid-1990s level.

Is this conclusion correct?  All you need do is use the link, read his entire piece, complete with statistics, and see if you can argue otherwise.  Trust me, it won\’t be easy.

I award John Hinderaker Paragraph Of the Day honors for packing a boatload of facts and logic into so few words. 

How I wish he were wrong.

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