I have written so much about ObamaCare and so much about how the numbers are being boomed up, that this is something of an afterthought.  But since the Obama administration is making so much of the supposed “7 million” signups, I would like to point out that:

-By their own admission, 15 – 20% of the supposed “7 million” will never pay a penny of premium…which means the real number is between 5 and 6 million.  And that assumes the 15 – 20% is accurate which, because of the lies we have repeatedly been told by Obama & Co., I won\’t believe until it is verified by a credible outside source.

-The Obama administration is not telling us how many of the “7 million” are aged 18 – 34; i.e. the people necessary to pay for ObamaCare.  Originally they said about 38% were needed to make the program economically viable — but outside estimates of how many 18 – 34\’s signed up are in the 25% range.  If true, this means the taxpayer is in for a major soaking.

-They are also not reminding us that millions of the “7 million” are not uninsured people finally getting coverage, they are people who were insured, but whose policies were cancelled due to ObamaCare\’s requirements (some of which are beyond ridiculous), and therefore had to take ObamaCare as an unwanted alternative.  How many of them are stuck with more expensive policies, and/or with coverages they did not ask for and don\’t need?  Obama & Co. are not saying… 

-…however, others are.  According to The Rand Corporation and McKinsey, only about 1/3 – 1/4 of the sign-ups were previously uninsured.  And Goldman Sachs has it at less than 20%.  Wasn\’t the main objective of ObamaCare signing up uninsured people?  Maybe this is why, though others have no problem coming up with estimates, the Obama administration somehow doesn\’t have its own numbers available.

-Finally, it seems evident that a vast majority of the “7 million” are eligible for a complete or partial subsidy of their insurance premiums.  The Kaiser Foundation has it at 83% – that\’s 5 of every 6 sign-ups.  Is this what was supposed to have happened?  And what happens to the sign-up rate once the people who are getting something out of it from Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer run out?

Take all these factors in, and see if you are ready to join the Obama administration in its victory dance. 

If you are, don\’t expect me to be joining you.

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