If you saw a headline that said this…

Some Said They’d Flee Trump’s America. These People Actually Did.

…what would you think the article contained?

You’d think it would chronicle a succession of people who fled the country because Donald Trump was elected President, wouldn’t you?

Well, click here to read the article, written by Ronda Kaysen, and you’ll find that it chronicles exactly four families.

This is what the article tells us about one of them, comprised of a mother and two daughters:

Ms. Quain, who is in her 40s, owned a children’s play cafe and preschool near Seattle before she renounced her American middle-class existence in August 2016, fed up with what she described as a stifling, consumerist culture.

Once Donald J. Trump was elected president, she made a common liberal refrain — “If Trump wins, I’m leaving the country” — reality, deciding not to return home with her daughters, Aubrey and Gabriella. After traveling through Asia and Europe, she is now figuring out how to start a business selling products through Amazon to finance the life of an itinerant-by-choice single mother.

“If the G.O.P. gets out of office, if our education system improves, if we get universal health care, I’ll move back to the States because we’ll get tired of traveling,” Ms. Quain said. But until that utopian day arrives, “We’re unplugging from the Matrix.”

In other words, though making it clear she dislikes both Trump and the Republican Party, Ms. Quain left the country in August, 2016 – when everyone “knew” Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, was on her way to the Oval Office – for reasons unrelated to politics.

As for the other three?  The only mention of Trump at all is by one of them who left the United States for non-political reasons and mentions him in passing.

With this in mind, can anyone explain that headline, other than misdirecting readers to a conclusion the Times may find very politically satisfying, but the article has nothing to do with?

Incidentally, three of the four families mentioned come from California (the other is from Seattle).  And every one of them specifies the cost of living was a motivating factor for leaving.  So how come the Times’ headline didn’t mention that?  Maybe it could have been “Californians fleeing America.  They Don’t Want To Live There Anymore”?

At least it would have been more accura…..oh, wait.  What has today’s New York Times got to do with accuracy?

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