Ken Berwitz

Anyone who read today\’s New York Times editorial about Scott Walker and John Doe Legislation (the first three paragraphs of which can be seen below….

Only weeks aftergiving up on his lackluster presidential campaign in the face of nationalindifference, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is back to making mischief in hishome state. Last Friday, Mr. Walker signed a bill to protect public officials like himself froman effective and well-established tool for rooting out political corruption…

The tool, known as theJohn Doe law, lets prosecutors conduct secret investigations intopossible crimes by executing search warrants and compelling people totestify. It is essentially a grand jury proceeding, with a judge rather thanjurors deciding whether there is enough evidence for an indictment.

Mr. Walker hasbeen a target of two John Doe investigations in recent years. The first, whichlooked into misconduct by his aides or associates while he served as Milwaukeecounty executive, led to six convictions. The secondinvolved allegations of illegally coordinatedfund-raising between Mr. Walker\’scampaign for governor and conservative political groups. In July, a deeplysplit Wisconsin Supreme Court – several of whose justices were backed by the same groups in their election campaigns – shut down the investigation,adoptingan unprecedented reading of the state\’s campaign-finance laws to find noproblem with the activities in question. Mr. Walker was not charged in eithercase.

…should, by all means, read M. J. Kittle\’s article at Wisconsin Watchdog (the first three paragraphs of which can be seen below)….

The four Republicans reportedly withcold feet about reforming the rogue Government Accountability Board would do wellto read the latest piece from the Wall Street Journal on the expanded abuses of the political JohnDoe probe.

Court-sealed documents,according to the publication, show the GAB, working with the Democrat-ledMilwaukee County District Attorney\’s office, looking into several nationalconservatives in their star chamber.

“The John Doe team searchedthe digital cache for information related to their now-discredited theory ofcampaign-finance coordination, but they didn\’t stop there. The MilwaukeeDistrict Attorney\’s office, run by Democrat John Chisholm, sent GABstaff a spreadsheet of search terms that included prominent nationalconservatives,” the Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote in the opinionpiece, published Monday evening.

….And they will see another of the many demonstrations that the New York Times editorial board has lost all credibility, and is now nothing more than a paid propaganda arm of the far left.

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