Yesterday I commented on what I considered a particularly dense, and/or anti-New York Police Department (NYPD) editorial in the New York Times.

Today we have another one.

Here are key parts of that editorial – in rust, with my comments in blue:

Manymembers of the New York Police Department are furious at Mayor Billde Blasio and, by extension, the city that elected him. They haveexpressed this anger with a solidarity tantrum, repeatedly turningtheir backs to show their collective contempt. But now they seem tohave taken their bitterness to a new and dangerous level – by walkingoff the job. A tantrum? Was it an ongoingtantrum that de blasio did little but side with police-hatingprotesters for months? We can see where this is going already.

TheNewYork Post on Tuesday reported, and city officials confirmed, thatofficers are essentially abandoning enforcement of low-leveloffenses. According to data The Post cited for the week startingDec. 22 – two days after two officers were shot and killed on aBrooklyn street – traffic citations had fallen by 94 percent overthe same period last year, summonses for offenses like publicdrinking and urination were down 94 percent, parking violations weredown 92 percent, and drug arrests by the Organized Crime ControlBureau were down 84 percent. Couldthis possiby relate to the fact that, in no small part because theyhave been encouraged by the de blasios…and, of course, thesharptons….of the world, every NY cop has a target on his/her back? That they are not going out in single police cars, only in pairsfor that reason? No mention of this by the Times. Who cares if copsare in danger anyway?  Apparently not the New York Times editorial board.

Thedata cover only a week, and the reasons for the plunge are notentirely clear. THEN WHY ARE YOU MAKINGCONCLUSIONS ABOUT IT? But it is so steep and sudden as tosuggest a dangerous, deplorable escalation of the policeconfrontation with the de Blasio administration. Isee. de blasio didn\’t escalate anything by siding with protesters,even as they chanted “What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we wantthem? Now” in the streets. Even considering the heightenedtensions surrounding the officers\’ deaths and pending labornegotiations – the Patrolmen\’s Benevolent Association has nocontract, and its leader, Patrick Lynch, has been the most stridentin attacking Mr. de Blasio, calling him a bloody accomplice to theofficers’ murder – this action is repugnant and inexcusable. Itamounts to a public act of extortion by the police.

Andfor what?

Let’sreview the actions that Mr. de Blasio\’s harshest critics say havedriven the police to such extremes.

1.He campaigned on ending the unconstitutional use of “stop-and-frisk”tactics, which victimized hundreds of thousands of innocent youngblack and Latino men. Have you looked at thegun-related crime statistics since that ruline? As of August, gunshootings were up 10% for the year, even as other crime figuresdropped.

2.He called for creating an inspector general for the department andending racial profiling. So what?

3.After Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, was killed by a swarm ofcops on Staten Island, he convened a meeting with the policecommissioner, William Bratton, and the Rev. Al Sharpton, giving Mr.Sharpton greater prominence than police defenders thought he shouldhave had because Mr. Sharpton is a firebrand with an unsavory past. That\’s it? A “firebrand”?  sharptonhas left a trail of dead bodies in NY over decades, in Crown Heights,at Freddy\’s Fashion Mart, and now with Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. You are pathetic.

4.He saidafter the Garner killing that he had told his biracial son, Dante, to”take special care” in encounters with the police. Didhe counterbalance that with so much as one word about the dangerspolice face in high crime – which usually means Black -neighborhoods? Nope.  Did he caution Dante about the danger of being a young Black male in those neighborhoods; the danger that law abiding Black citizens of every age – but particularly young Black males – face every day?  Nope. How much do THOSE Black lives matter to de blasio, sharpton, et al?  Draw your own conclusions.

5.He generally condoned the peaceful protests for police reform -while condemning those who incited or committed violence – andcited a tagline of the movement: “Black lives matter.” Show me that list of condemnations for the inciters and committers ofviolence….and then tell me whenhe said them…like only after Officiers Ramos and Liu were murdered. 

There is more.  But what you just read is enough to make the point and then some.

Look, I don\’t know for sure why those policing statistics are down this past week/what the mix of reasons is.  But neither does the Times.  But that didn\’t stop the Times editorial board from using it as another opportunity to viciously slime the NYPD.

Tell you what, guys:  the next time you\’re mugged and need help?  Call an effing protester.

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