Do you know what the latest rage is on Palestinian Arab media? 

How about a video on “How To Stab A Jew”? 

Excerpted from Jordan Schachtel\’s article at

Avideo being widely circulated in Palestinian social media networksteaches jihadists how to stab a Jewish person in a manner thatensures their speedy death.

Thevideo is reportedly being circulated by a group calling themselvesthe “resisters of occupation in the occupied West Bank andJerusalem,” according to a Jewish Press report.

Thevideo shows two men, a “teacher” and a “victim”, dressed in aKeffiyeh headscarf–garb which was popularized by the firstPalestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. The teacher then demonstrates howto casually walk up to someone and stab them in an efficient anddeadly manner.

Thedemonstration emphasizes that in order to inflict maximum damage, theknife should be twisted after stabbing the Jewish person.

And, of course, not a word of condemnation by the terrorists of hamas….or the supposedly “moderate” fatah faction (which is so moderate that they agreed to a unity government with hamas).

These are the people who the world demands that Israel make peace with.


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