Today\’s quote – and I have to tell you I am loving it – is from Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC – a cable network with ratings that started 2014 low, did little but drop further as the year progressed, and are currently somewhere between minuscule and infinitesimal.  

What does Mr. Griffin have to say about this?  Not surprisingly, it is an elongated pep talk about how 2015 is going to be a great year (just as it will be for the Chicago Cubs too:  just ask the manager before the season starts). 

But the quote of the day isn\’t anywhere that long.  It is embodied in the first few words Mr. Griffin used as his lead-in:

“We\’regoing to keep opening up our aperture….”

Whoa! Hold the horses! Stop right there.

Not only does this describe exactly how MSNBC has operated so far, but it suggests that we have what I would have thought to be a physical impossibility in store for 2015.

Do you realize how open that aperture had to be for MSNBC to put on a lineup that includes Chrazy Chris Matthews,  Ed “Where did my ratings go, they were here somewhere” Schultz, al “I didn\’t incite anyone, honest” sharpton, Chris “I think someone is watching, but I\’m not sure” Hayes, Rachel “how did I get stuck with Hayes as a lead-in” Maddow and Lawrence “I think I can be relevant, I think I can, I think I can whoooo whoooo” O\’Donnell?

And Griffin says it is going to keep opening, as in even further?  Holy excrement (speaking of reasons for open apertures).

If he\’s right, there will be enough room for the complete prime time lineup, Johnnie Wadd, Pharaoh Amos, Huge Ackman (ok, I made up that porn star name, but wouldn\’t it be a great one?) and the entire cast of The Full Monty”…with room for most of the afternoon lineup as well.

I award Phil Griffin Quote Of The Day honors because he made me laugh out loud about MSNBC in a way that I hadn\’t previously done. 

Way to go, Phil.  Now off to Punxatawney for that February 2 gig you have.  I promise the audience will be among the largest you\’ll come across all year.

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