On May 3, two Islamic jihadist wannabes opened fire at the security guard in Garland Texas, while Pamela Geller\’s “Jihad Watch Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest” was taking place.  The guard was injured, the gunmen were killed.

Mainstream media almost universally excoriated Ms. Geller for her hatred, her insensitivity, her offense against Islam her….

….ok, enough.  Let\’s fast-forward to today, just four weeks later.

Time Magazine has published a story about Chris Ofili, the artist who was nice enough to create a work called “The Holy Virgin Mary” – featuring a depiction of Mary encrusted with elephant dung and surrounded by cutouts of women\’s genitalia which were gathered from porn magazines.

It doesn\’t get more blasphemous and offensive to Christians than that.

But, blasphemous and offensive notwithstanding, Time published a color photo of “The Holy Virgin Mary” to accompany its article.

Okay, those are the facts.  Now let\’s all wait and count up the mainstream media venues which attack Time for doing so – as they attacked Ms. Geller for her cartoon competition (which, for the record, I found offensive too – but no more or less than the “art” Time is featuring).

How much of a firestorm do you figure it will generate?   100% as much as the cartoon competition?  50%?  10%? 5%  1%?  Less than 1%?

If anyone is interested, my bet is less than 1%….and I\’m giving odds.

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