It has been a while since I offered an entry for the Darwin award (for someone badly in need of evolution).  But the genius who put this cartoon up at, while whining that some folks actually believe there\’s such a thing as anti-Semitism, deserves a entry into the competition., which hates Israel – has a story up about a group which is gathering the names of University students  in the Boycott Divest Sanction (BDS) movement against the Jewish state.  Not surprisingly, C&L thinks of this as McCarthyite.  And its regular commenters are right there with them.  Click here to read the article, and then some of the vilest comments you will ever see.

But this one, put up by someone calling him/herself “osamabinbush” (very clever I\’m sure) is the classic:


Did you read the words on each nose part?  Did you notice the one that says “Jew atrocities” – i.e. not an attack on Israel, but an attack on Jews generally – as in any Jew will do?

For people with IQs above, say, 47, that probably would not only qualify as an example of anti-semitism, it would be a definition of anti-semitism.  But not this genius.

I therefore enter him in the 2015 Darwin Award competition.  I wish him well too – in the sense that, ugly though it is, if this is the worst example of Darwin Award material for the year, we\’re pretty lucky.

Unfortunately, I have little hope that it will be the winner.

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