Hillary Clinton lied about her relationship with Sidney Blumenthal when she was Secretary of State.

The lying itself is no surprise; Hillary Clinton is, as the late New York Times colunists William Safire put it, a congenital liar.  She says whatever will benefit her, regardless of whether it is true. 

But when the lying is about how she conducted herself as Secretary of State, and how it affected the way we dealt with Libya, where the Benghazi massacre took place, it cannot be shrugged off as easily as, say, her lie about being shot at by a sniper in Bosnia.

Excerpted from today\’s editorial in the New York Post:

To hear Hillary Clinton tell it, Sidney Blumenthal was no more than an old friend trying to help out by dropping her an occasional unsolicited e-mail with advice.

Now we know better. Turns out Blumenthal was no casual correspondent: He was repeatedly plying her with dubious “intelligence” on Libya – much of which turned out to be false, but which she nonetheless passed on to State Department underlings.

In fact, we learned this week, Bill Clinton in 2009 hired Blumenthal as a $10,000-a-month full-time employee of the family “charitable” foundation – even as Sid was also working with two groups now pushing Hillary\’s campaign. And “consulting” for a firm with business interests in Libya that would\’ve required State approval.

We have no idea what Blumenthal did to earn his foundation pay, but Hillary\’s pretense that he\’s ever been less than a key member of the Clinton inner circle is ludicrous.

And Clinton – followed quickly by the rest of Team Obama – sure seized on his assurance that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Islam video. (And never mind all the evidence that it was a long-planned terrorist attack.)

That Sid Blumenthal stands revealed as a high-paid foundation employee shows yet again just how – in the world of Bill and Hillary – money, charity and politics are their own tightly formed bubble.

It seems self-evident that Hillary Clinton lied about her relationship with Sidney Blumenthal…as she has lied about so many other things.

It seems self-evident that The Clinton Foundation is a money laundering operation, and a trading post where parties needing US political influence pay large sums of money with a very reasonable expectation that they will get it (do you think mainstream media will ever talk about the unfunded money pass-through shell called WJC-LLC?).

Are Democrats really that comfortable with Hillary Clinton as their candidate?  Do they – do any of us – really want someone like this in the White House?  Have we really fallen that far? 

Well, unless the news reports are wrong, Martin O\’Malley, a relatively young (52 years old) former Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland with impeccable leftward credentials….fully in keeping with today\’s Democrat Party….will announce his candidacy.  So the party faithful will have somone besides 73 year old self-professed socialist Bernie Sanders as an alternative.

I guess we\’ll soon find out.

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