No matter how bad this stinks, the stench keeps getting worse.

Look at what Patrick Howley of uncovered, and reported in his latest blog:

TheIRS prematurely “retired” data-storage devices and filled out”disposal” documents for hardware that still existed and wassupposed to still be in use, according to a Sept. 24, 2013 TreasuryInspector General (TIGTA) report entitled “IncreasedOversight of Information Technology Hardware Maintenance Contracts IsNecessary To Ensure Against Paying for Unnecessary Services.”

Translation:  you are not just supposed to believe that the IRS lost the emails.  You are not just supposed to believe the IRS trashed and recycled the hard drives those emails were stored in (as if that were the only place they could be retrieved – another howler).  You are now also supposed to believe that it was accidental that this was done on hard drives which were clearly not supposed to be trashed and recycled.

In other words, you are supposed to be a complete idiot.

I assume you are not.  But these lying frauds assume that either you are a complete idiot or are willing to behave like one on their behalf.


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