Do you know who Meriam Ibrahim is? 

Not if you rely on CBS, NBC or ABC for your news you don\’t. So if you\’re one of those unfortunate souls, let me tell you.

Ms. Ibrahim is a Sudanese national who was born Muslim,  butconverted to Christianity. 

No big deal, right? 

Well, in medieval countries like Sudan it is.  Last year Ms.Ibrahim was convicted of marrying a Christian man while still aMuslim (Sudan prohibits conversion from Islam, you see) and sentencedto 100 lashes for adultery.

Then they told her to renounce her Christian faith. She refused.  So they sentenced her to death by hanging. 

But, incredibly, according to Matthew Philbin at, presumably with information supplied by the affiliated Media Research Center, none of the networks have covered it.

But wait, there is more. 

Much of the civilized world, joined by several international cable networks,  came to the defense of Meriam Ibrahim. And this shamed Sudan into agreeing to release her….or so we thought.  

But when Ms. Ibrahim got to the airport, she was re-arrested on a trumped up charge and placed right back into custody, which is where things stand now.  

And, still, not one second of network news coverage.

Why are the major networks not reporting this outrage? 

If it were a predominantly Christian state doing this to an Islamic woman, or, even worse, the Jewish state, Israel, do you doubt for one nanosecond that it would be covered?  Intensely?

When media do not report atrocities like this – I\’m not talking only about the treatment afforded Meriam Ibrahim, I\’m talking about the atrocity of a government like Sudan\’s – the public is left ignorant of what radical Islam is, and what the civilized word – including Islamic people who would never engage in such depraved sickness – are up against.

Why is this story not on the network news shows?  I can\’t come up with an answer that makes any sense.  If you can, please let me know.


UPDATE:  There are now reports that, somehow, Meriam Ibrahim has made it to the US Embassy in Sudan.  If so, she might – might be safe and able to leave the country.  I\’ll keep an eye on this to the extent mainstream media bothers to cover it, and let you know if there are further developments.

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