In case you are into cable news ratings (and even if you aren\’t), here are the latest data:

Third-Quarter2014 Primetime Averages

FNC:1,797,000 viewers, up 12 percent (313,000 adults 25-54, up 12percent)
CNN: 555,000 viewers, up 2 percent (186,000 adults 25-54,up 4 percent)
MSNBC: 557,000 viewers, down 2 percent (150 adults25-54, down 21 percent)
HLN: 352,000 viewers, down 4 percent (120adults 25-54, down 12 percent)

According to, Fox not only blew away its cable news competition but also leapfrogged entertainment and sports stalwarts USA and ESPN.

I assume that MSNBC\’s “150 adults” showing among 25-54\’s is a typo.

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