As regular readers may recall, about two months ago I blogged about being “unfriended” on facebook by former Major League baseball player, then announcer, now independent movie producer Billy Sample.

You would need a pretty good memory to do so, because I never mentioned him again afterwards.  Losing a facebook friend is not exactly a seminal experience in my life. 

The reason for being unfriended was that Sample turned out to be a huge hater of Israel – and, based on the dozens and dozens of blogs he has put up since the Israel-hamas conflict began – someone not at all fond of Jews in general…unless they are left wing Jews who share his view of Israel, that is.

After reading blog after blog excoriating Israel without one negative word about hamas and what it was doing in Gaza, I wrote the following comment to Sample – the one that got me unfriended:

Billy – maybe you should take time out from your unrelenting hatred of Israel and support of the terrorist group hamas to do a few things:

-Read the hamas charter, which specifically calls for the obliteration of Israel, the death of all Jews both in and out of Israel, and the rejection of all peace talks or negotiations as a religious blasphemy.

-Then reflect on the fact that hamas is firing its missiles and other artillery from schools and hospitals – thus leaving Israel with the choice of either giving terrorists ongoing free shots at its population, or firing back and being accused by the Billy Samples of the world as murderers. When this happens, it is hamas, not Israel, which generates the dead bodies you see in those pictures.

-Next, think about the fact that the disparity in body counts is because Israel created a defense system to protect its citizens. In Gaza, there are no warning sirens and no bomb shelters (except for the “brave leaders” who go into hiding when the bombs hit). The people are left with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

-After that, think about the fact that, unlike the hamas murderers, Israel is warning Gazans about impending bombings. This, to my knowledge is the only time in recorded history that a country gives forewarning of an attack so that the enemy knows to get out of harm\’s way (remember, that warning is seen not just by civilians but by the terrorists launching attacks as well). By contrast, hamas tells – not asks, but tells – Palestinian Arabs to stay right where they are. Who is responsible for the body count when that happens?

-And maybe leave a little time to consider why hamas uses the concrete and steel it could have built infrastructure with, to create a system of tunnels it can shuttle missiles and terrorists through.

-Finally, please note that when Israel – yes, ISRAEL – gave this land to Palestinian Arabs (Israel, ironically, is the one and only country that ever gave land to Palestinian Arabs – a little something that is conveniently forgotten), there was no blockade. The blockade arose because instead of living in peaceful coexistence, Gaza was turned into a firing range to attack Israel daily. The blockade exists only for that reason and, presumably, will be gone if Gaza stops trying to vaporize Israel.

Sample\’s response to me?

Unrelenting hatred of Israel?  Seriously dude.  My greatest living deity is Amy Goodman, a Jew, who has championed for Palestinian autonomy for years… goodbye, you were on the borderline with me anyway./

There you have it.  Mention of his love for a left wing Israel-hating Jew, and kiss-off.  End of facebook friendship.

So why, after all this time, do I once more bring up Billy Sample?

Because I just read a comment he made to another “friend” of his who had the temerity to question his nonstop hatred – and, based on the last part of Sample\’s comment, I surmise this person has been “unfriended” as well.  Since this guy (who will remain nameless) had the same experience I did, I thought you might be interested in how it played out.

After Sample accused Israel of intentionally bombing Gazan ambulances (based on a 47 second video put up by a hamas supporter, which shows no such thing) and questioned why this was done, the then-friend suggested that he “Ask Hamas and it\’s long list of predecessors that same question.”

Sample\’s kiss-off, verbatim:

Oh, now you bring in the predecessors because it has gotten to you that Hamas didn\’t come into being until the late 1980s and Israelis have been killing Palestinians for decades before … well, it\’s simple, no occupation, no need for Hamas or any other group, no second class citizenship, no need for any group. No taking of Palestinian land with no compensation, there would be no need to for hate groups, no Israeli soldiers killing Palestinian school girls, during the non-invasion times in which thousands are killed at a time, no need for a group to send the always lethal hand held rockets with no explosives in the warheads as the last act of defiance after six nuclear times of bombs have been dropped on Gaza … but in your mind, Israel can do no wrong, and that\’s your safe heaven, I have a handful of former acquaintances who feel the same way, and when confronted with something that they can\’t refute, they always fall back on Hamas, which would make Netanyahu and all of the other Zionists happy, because even though the rest of the world knows that Israel is guilty of war crimes and genocide, as long as they are still tight with the U.S., and it\’s three billion dollars worth of killing equipment, the propaganda machine continues to work. Again, I don\’t want my tax dollars used for war crimes and genocide, and really want to be well away from people who do … pardon me

Hmmm, that\’s quite a statement.  Let\’s see:

-Israel has been killing Palestinians for decades before?  Uh….actually Palestinian Arabs – along with Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians and Lebanese, have been killing Israelis, starting the day Israel came into being in 1948 and through four wars Israel neither started nor wanted.

-Occupation?  Not one Israeli has been in Gaza since 2005

-Taking of Palestinian land? Gaza was ruled by Egypt, not Palestinian Arabs. Israel gave Gaza to Palestinian Arabs – which its Arab brethren never did. Other than the 20 years Egypt held it, this was the first time Arabs ruled Gaza since the middle ages.

-Israelis killing schoolgirls?  Thousands of Palestinian Arabs killed at a time during “peace” periods?  Where did this information come from?  I\’ve never seen it, even in anti-Israel venues. But Billy Sample seems to know all about it.

-“six nuclear times of bombs have been dropped on Gaza”?  ????????????????????  Israel has never dropped nuclear anything on Gaza or anywhere else.  If it did, there would BE no Gaza…and probably no Israel where it borders Gaza either.

I could go on – there\’s plenty more just like it  (feel free to do so yourself) – but what\’s the point?  You cannot reason with someone so filled with this much unreasoning hatred.

Anyway, barring some comment back to me by Sample himself (which could happen, since I may put this up on facebook as well), I probably won\’t be blogging about him anymore. 

I don\’t need Billy Sample to find Israel and “Zionist” hatred.  There\’s plenty of it without him.


UPDATE:  I just checked Billy\’s facebook page, and it turns out that he thinks 9/11 was an “inside job” too. 

Hooboy.  Little did I know who/what I was dealing with.

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