Today\’s quote comes to us from Marie Harf, the Obama spokesperson whose most recognizable quality is that she talks to us with a sing-song quality reminiscent of a 10th grader reciting her oral mid-term exam.

Here is how she tried to explain away President Obama\’s gross negligence regarding the intelligence information he ignored for all this time, and his lamer-than-lame attempt to blame the result of his negligence on the people who provided him the intelligence he ignored:

Whatthe president said was , for a long time we\’ve known about theserious threat from ISIL, but I think everyone – us, the Iraqis,even ISIL itself probably – was surprised by how quickly earlierthis summer they were really able to take territory in Iraq. Theymoved more quickly than anyone could have imagined. And, you know,assessing the will of a force to fight – the capability is onething you can assess – but the will, that\’s a really tough thing toassess…”

Really, Marie? That really so? What a really great explanation I\’d really give you an A-…ok, maybe a B. I\’m just really trying to be nice.

Look, I don\’t envy anyone the job Harf has, trying to explain this away. Because it\’s not just the usual Obama crap sandwich, this is a crap 6 foot sub, complete with salad buffet.

But that effort is so juvenile, so far removed from anything anyone would believe, that it must be acknowledged one way or another.

My way is to award Marie Harf Quote Of The Day honors….and a hall pass to use the girl\’s room whenever she needs to. Because if she keeps pumping out sh er, stuff like that on behalf of her boss, she\’ll have to be spending a lot of time there.

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