Excerpted from my blog of October 9th:

 as things now stand, 13 states, and Washington DC will be cancelling the health insurance of hundreds of thousands of people at the end of the month – because they do not comply with the requirements of ObamaCare.

…federal law mandates that people whose policies will be canceled must be notified at least 60 days beforehand.  And 60 days before December 31 is November 2 – two days before the election.

I await Mr. Obama\’s attempt – probably successful, given the fact that so much of what passes for mainstream media will look the other way on his behalf – to make good and sure those notices do not go out when federal law says they must.

Those notices should already have been received by the “lucky winners” who now have to scramble for other insurance.  By law they must be received no later than Sunday.

Have they even been sent?

And where are our wonderful “neutral” media on this?  Have you seen, heard or read any mention of this deadline?  Whether policyholders affected by this have been formally notified?  Or, if so, how many have lost their insurance – insurance this administration told us flat-out they could keep – possibly with a reminder that every Democrat senator up for re-election voted for ObamaCare?

Sadly, this is what our media have become. Propagandists posing as journalists.

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

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