Today\’s quote – and it is as breathtakingly stupid a quote as we are going to see in this election campaign – comes to us from Louisiana\’s incumbent Democrat Senator, Mary Landrieu, who surely should have known better than to say it.

Ms. Landrieu is in the battle of her political life against Republican challenger Bill Cassidy.  Currently, most polls show her losing substantially – although if neither gets a majority of votes (a real possibility given the level of support for third-party candidate/Tea Party favorite Rob Maness), there will be a subsequent runoff on December 6th.

With these factors in mind – and knowing that, as a Democrat, she already has the vast majority of the Black vote sewn up – this, incredibly, is what Ms. Landrieu said in yesterday\’s interview with NBC\’s Chuck Todd:

Letme be very, very honest with you.  TheSouth has not always been the friendliest place forAfrican-Americans. It\’s been a difficult time for the president topresent himself in a very positive light as a leader.

“It has not always been a good place for women, to beable to present ourselves. It\’s more of a conservative place. Sowe\’ve had to work a little bit harder on that. But, you know, thepeople trust me, I believe. Really, they do.”

This statement looks like a test to see how many ways a candidate can alienate the voters Ms. Landrieu needs.  If it is, I assure you she gets an A+.

-Regarding Black people, there are only two possible benefits:  get a higher percentage of the vote or increase Black turnout.  Her comments do neither.  Percentage-wise, Ms. Landrieu is already sitting on over 90% of the vote.  Participation-wise, she is not going to boom up turnout by telling Black people that there is racism among White people in the south.  Does Ms. Landrieu think Black southerners do not already believe this; that she\’s letting them in on something?  

-Regarding White people – the folks she needs to win over – she has just told them that they are a bunch of racists and woman-haters.  Is that supposed to generate support for her candidacy?

There are many criteria for awarding Quote Of The Day honors.  Among them are consummate stupidity and political self-destruction.  Based on those criteria, Mary Landrieu wins, going away – going away being what comments like hers will probably result in after the election takes place.

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