Two days ago President Obama “assailed” ebola quarantines

His reasons? 

Wedon\’t just react based on our fears. We react based on facts andjudgnment and making smart decisions”

Today, we have this from Tom Vanden Brook\’s article at USA Today:

DefenseSecretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday defended the Pentagon\’s decision toisolate troops for 21 days after they return from Ebola duty in WestAfrica.

Hagelearlier this week signed off on the recommendation from the JointChiefs of Staff that goes beyond guidelines set by the Centers forDisease Control and Prevention. Isolating troops for 21 days evenwithout symptoms of the disease, Hagel said, was a “smart,wise, prudent, disciplined, science-oriented decision.”

Can someone arrange to have these two fellows meet?  I\’ll bet they can find something to talk about.

And while we\’re waiting for that meeting, can we agree that this administration is an absolute, unadulterated (and, to a large degree un-adult) mess?

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