The fact that Hillary Clinton was even considered as a presidential candidate, let alone made one, was disheartening.

The fact that she became a presidential candidate by having her pals (or, more exactly, Bill’s pals) stack the deck against Bernie Sanders throughout the primaries, was disgraceful.

And the fact that she outmaneuvered Bernie Sanders’ candidate for DNC chair, the execrable Keith Ellison, to get her guy, Tom Perez the position instead, is disappointing and disgruntling enough to Sanders and his people to make them disconsolate.

How many times must Bernie Sanders be dissed before he and his followers explode this thing into all-out war?

And is this all about another run for the presidency???

From Ed Klein’s article at

Last week’s Democratic National Committee meeting in Atlanta, which elected former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as the party’s new chairman, was a major boost to Hillary Clinton’s plan (as fanciful as it may seem to others) to run again for president.

According to sources close to the Clintons, Hillary believes that by 2020 the country will be sick of Donald Trump and ready to turn to a “seasoned, mature leader” (her words) rather than someone younger and less experienced. She will be 73 years old in 2020.

As a result, she waged a furious behind-the-scenes battle in Atlanta to defeat Perez’s chief rival, Representative Keith Ellison, because an Ellison win would have blocked her control of the party’s national apparatus and turned over millions in campaign funds to the far-left Bernie Sanders wing of the party.

These sources say that Hillary sees Sanders’ insurgent forces as a serious threat to her presidential aspirations. Sanders and his army of true believers have been trying to capture control of the party at both the national and state levels, and they’ve scored some initial successes in Hawaii, California and Washington.

Hillary Clinton is already a two-time presidential loser.

In 2020, she will be 73 years old.  She will be 8 years removed from elective or appointive office.  She will be just as lousy a candidate.  Just as unlikable.  Just as much of an impediment to younger, more dynamic leadership taking over the reins of power as she is now.

And Bernie Sanders, who will then be 78, would still give her a run for her money if he ran against her in the primaries.

Is there any non-geriatric Democrat available to breathe some life into this party?

I doubt Democrats are hanging by their thumbs waiting for my advice.  But, for any who are interested, I suggest they quickly put a DNR on Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions.

The last thing it needs is Harold Stassen with different plumbing.

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