Here is house member/former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and house member/unsuccessful candidate for DNC chair Keith Ellison, during the heartfelt, standing ovation after President Trump’s poignant words to the widow of Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens, who was killed in Yemen:

How low can you go?  Low enough to sit out a tribute to a fallen soldier, because the tribute came from Donald Trump.

They are disgusting.


  • The Dem’s ticket in 2020 :

    Al Franken
    Jill Stein
    (Green Party in 2016)

    Vote for . . F r a n k . . . & . . . . S t e i n

  • I think the D’s proved last night they are anti-America and anti-American.
    President Trump lost a huge opportunity to force the D’s to work with him.
    He should have gone through the list of the generic things he wants to make things better for this country and her citizens and ask the non-clappers why exactly is it that they don’t want to make things better for America and her people.

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