Today’s quote comes to us from that cornucopia of dishonest political BS, Nancy Pelosi.

Here is her advice on how fellow Democrat House members should address friends who feel differently:

“The way I told my members: It’s like telling your friend the guy she’s dating is a jerk. You can’t tell her that. She has to find out for herself.
You can give her clues and then eventually one thing will lead to another, she’ll come to her conclusion. But if you tell her right up front, you’ll lose a friend. So we’re not interested in losing any friends. Let them find out.”

Would anyone like to join me in counting up all the attacks, the insults, the accusations – including fake ones – that Nancy Pelosi has made since Donald Trump became President?

Nancy Pelosi wins Quote Of The Day “honors” for continuing to provide enough political fertilizer to turn the Mojave Desert into a rain forest…

…while joining Barack Obama to lead her party from preeminence (the Presidency, both houses of congress, most governorships, most statehouses) to third-party status in a two-party country.

And, after bringing them to this point, Democrats re-installed her as House Minority Leader?

Holy political fertilizer.

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