Is Michael Flynn “flipping”, and now cooperating with Independent Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation?

Given the news, via yesterday’s New York Times article, that his lawyers informed President Trump’s lawyers they will no longer share information, it’s an excellent bet the answer is yes.

But what is Michael Flynn “flipping” on?

To refresh your memory, Flynn, a career army man who retired as a Lieutenant General, was appointed President Trump’s National Security Adviser…

…until Trump found out that he had lied about his past associations with the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, and was unceremoniously dumped from that position after just 24 days.

In other words, Flynn was fired almost immediately, and the reason for Trump firing him was that Flynn lied about having the kind of ties to Russia Mueller is investigating.

That comes across as being a problem for Flynn, not Trump.

Keeping in mind that Mueller’s other a-list indictment – of Paul Manafort – was for actions which occurred from 2006 to 2014 and therefore had nothing whatsoever to do with President Trump or his presidential campaign, it seems reasonable to expect that the behavior Mueller is going after Flynn on is also unrelated to Trump and his campaign.

So the question must again be asked:  what, exactly, is Robert Mueller investigating?

Is this an effort to find illegal collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in last year’s election, or an effort to find something – anything – that could be used to nail Donald Trump, regardless of what it has to do with Russia?

Let’s wait and see if, Trump-wise, the possible Flynn “flip”, is a “flop”.

And, if that’s what it is, let’s again wonder why Mueller and his Democrat-stacked staff are still in business.

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  • But what is Michael Flynn “flipping” on?

    Whatever Mueller wants him to. Cooperating witnesses have a tendency to say what the prosecutor wants them to say, true or not.

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