To win December 12’s special election to fill the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, and overcome accusations of moral impropriety, Roy Moore needs a strong turnout.

If I were a betting man, I’d be betting that this gets him one.

From Connor Sheets’ article at

Thousands of felons across Alabama have registered to vote in recent weeks, according to Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, who is heading up a statewide effort to get felons to the voting booth.

Glasgow’s goal is to get as many felons as possible signed up to vote before the end of the day Monday, the deadline to be able to cast a ballot in Alabama’s Dec. 12 U.S. Senate special election.

“In the last month, I think we registered at least five- to ten-thousand people all over the state,” Glasgow, president of Dothan’s The Ordinary People Society (TOPS) advocacy group, said Monday. “I’ve got people all over the state registering people with my TOPS branches in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery, Enterprise, Dothan, Abbeville, Geneva, Gordon, Bessemer, we have a lot.”

For generations, most Alabamians convicted of a felony were barred from ever voting in the state again, but the Definition of Moral Turpitude Act, a new law passed by the state Legislature and signed byGov. Kay Ivey in May, cleared the way for thousands of felons to restore their voting rights.

How do you suppose the voters of deep red, deeply conservative Alabama will react to this?  By staying home on election day?

My guess is that nothing Moore’s campaign staff can do to boom up turnout could possibly match what this will do.

Oh, by the way, for whatever it’s worth, Kenneth Glasgow’s full name is Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow, and he is Al Sharpton’s half-brother.

That could build turnout on both sides.

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