Before you dismiss the above blog title as hyperbole, sarcasm, or an out-and-out lie, please consider these two quotes, both of which were reported in articles at

First, we have United States Senator/presidential candidate Kamala Harris, tweeting that:

“The real national emergency is the failed leadership of this president.  

“Americans are dying in the streets from gun violence, too many are working more for less, and white supremacy is rising around the globe”

Then there is United States Senator/presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, at a “town hall meeting, answering a question about “White supremacists”:

Warren responded: “Oh, good. Thank you for that question. You know, it starts with the fact that we’ve got to recognize the threat posed by white nationalism. White supremacists pose a threat to the United States like any other terrorist group, like ISIS, like Al Qaida.

“And leadership starts at the top,” Warren said. “And that means you’ve got to call it out.

“No sitting by,” she said. “And then when you call it out, as president of the United States, you’ve got to use the tools available to you. And that means get the Justice Department when they break the law to go after them with full prosecution. That’s what I can do.” 

There you have it.  Two major Democrat presidential candidates (and do not doubt for one second there are more in the same boat), warning voters about the dire threat posed by…White supremacy.

Are you White?  Do you root for your country to succeed more than you root for other countries?  If so, Ms. Harris and Ms. Warren have put a target on your back.  You are what’s wrong with the United States and you must be stopped.

Suppose a candidate came out with a warning that proportionally more crime, including more violent crime, is committed by Black citizens than non-Blacks.  How fast would that person be condemned as a hopeless racist; someone who paints all Black people with the same brush?

And suppose a candidate noted that illegals from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are driving down wages for legal workers in the agricultural and food service industries.  How fast would that person be condemned to the same political hell for the same reason?

But attacking White people, as an entire group, for their “supremacy”?  No problem.  It’s open season.

And these people think they’re NOT racists?  Holy you-know-what.

Is this overtly racist crap really what Democrat presidential candidates have to spew to win their primaries?  Apparently, at least two such candidates (so far) think so.

And if one of them should win the nomination, I can’t wait to see his/her attempt to walk it back during the general election.

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  • “And leadership starts at the top,” Warren said. “And that means you’ve got to
    . . . . . s c a l p . . . h e r ? ? ?

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