Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) are two “Never-Trump” Republicans running for re-election next year.

Both have pro-Trump competition.

And here is the way things look right now (always subject to change, of course):

-In Arizona, a poll conducted within the month shows Flake at an 18% approval overall – with Republicans (22% approve/63% disapprove) in virtual agreement with Democrats.  And another poll (albeit a small-sample one) shows Flake behind pro-Trump primary opponent Kelli Ward by 14% (42.5% – 28.2%).

-In Nevada, a just-released poll shows Heller’s approval rating among Republicans at just 34%, and that he is 8% behind  pro-Trump primary opponent Danny Tarkanian (39% – 31%).

Let me say, again, that, in politics, all things are subject to change – sometimes very rapid change.

But, assuming the above data are correct, it is clear that, as of now, being a never-Trumper – though it might please a good many media venues and generate some transitory positive coverage – does not sit well with the people who are going to be voting in those two primaries.

Is this another demonstration that candidates go against Donald Trump at their own risk?  Time will tell.

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