From Anthony Gockowski’s article at campusreform.org:

The University of Missouri is hosting weekly meetings exclusively for “students, staff, and faculty of color” to discuss “skills for surviving and resisting hate” at the “Predominantly White Institution.”

According to a description promoted by the a Facebook page run by the Mizzou College of Education, the “Healing from Racial Injustices” group will meet every Friday throughout the semester to “share experiences as a person of color at a predominately white institution.”

“Come share your experiences and learn strategies to heal from racial discomfort.” 

“Healing from Racial Injustices is a group for students, staff, and faculty of color to build community, share experiences as a person of color at a Predominantly White Institution, and heal together,” the description states, noting that past discussions “have focused on racial identity develop [sic], mindfulness, colorism, self-love, and experiences of holding two or three marginalized identities.”

Additionally, the group claims to provide students of color with the “skills for surviving and resisting hate through the use of emotional regulation, mindfulness, and distress tolerance.”

Translation:  the school is telling Black students – not asking them but telling them – that, because they are Black, they are objects of hatred and oppression at the hands of the White students.

What, exactly, is this supposed to accomplish, besides marginalizing and angering both Black and White students?

Will the school also be holding weekly meeting exclusively among Whites to console them on being privileged, thus racist, thus oppressive because they were born a certain color, regardless of their personal attitudes and feelings?

Oh, no they won’t?  How come?

There you have it.  Racialization – exactly what, ideally we are told to avoid, for the purpose of addressing racism, which is what racialization, by definition, creates.

This is living proof that there is a quantum difference between being book-smart and real world smart.  Because what the University of Missouri is doing is about as dumb and counterproductive as it gets.

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  • University of Missouri, University of Missouri . . . . . . . Oh! Mizzou !

    Former home of Professor Melissa “Can we get some Muscle here” Click. . . . . Intimidating a student reporter at a demonstration.

    and the faux, lying “KKK is here on campus” alarm by Student Body President Payton Head.

    and etc. . . . . . . THAT University of Missouri ?

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