The Commenter Of The Day – i.e. a commenter who makes a particularly salient point about something we are discussing here.  It may or may not be a recurring series.  We’ll see.

The first of the series involves the huge – and growing – IT scandal, with the three Awan brothers, their family members, millions of dollars being tossed their way, and the unsuccessful attempt of Imran Awan to flee to his native Pakistan rather than be arrested and have to answer for what he has done with information he had access to from dozens of Democrat congresspeople.

Jim Hoft, at, has written a short, to-the-point piece about how media have almost completely buried this scandal on behalf of the Democrat Party, and that President Trump has tweeted about it as a means of getting the story out.

(This, it should be noted, is why, though I don’t like some individual tweets Mr. Trump puts out, I fully understand that the shamelessly partisan mainstream media is why he does so.)

You can read Mr. Hoft’s blog by clicking here.

And if you go to the comment section, you will find this, from someone using the screen name “torquewrench”:

“major cable news networks have given no coverage to the burgeoning 
scandal involving IT staffers to former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman 

Let’s all remember the ground rules here. If the teevee networks don’t cover it, and they won’t, Democrats can then later claim that “there was no scandal”.

This is how Democrats claimed the Obama administration “had no scandals in eight years” despite Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting, Solyndra, Lois Lerner, Pigford and dozens of other bona fide scandals.

The wing of the Democratic Party called “the news media” simply avoided covering those stories. Look! Over there! Kardashians!!!

I have two problems with this:  one is that the “quote”, though accurately reflecting Jim Hoft’s point, is not verbatim, it is a paraphrase.  And the other – directed both at Hoft and “torquewrench” – is that the news blackout is not just by cable venues (with Fox as a conspicuous exception), it is by major network news as well.

In any event, the point, is that the same media which are happy to carpet-cover “scandals” which don’t even have evidence to back them up (Trump/Russia collusion first among them), spent 8 years looking the other way at Obama scandal after Obama scandal – real ones with real evidence.

That is 100% correct, which is why “torquewrench” wins Commenter Of The Day honors.

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