For change to occur there must be realization.

For realization to occur, it must start somewhere.

Is this a start?

Read the following excerpt from Bill McMorris’s article at, and see what you think:

The leader of Pennsylvania’s largest labor union said that his union will re-think its close ties to the Democratic Party.

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale said the group did a poor job of listening to its members in the recent past, according to WSKG News. Bloomingdale embarked on a “listening tour” across the state following President Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the state, which was in part inspired by blue collar workers. Bloomingdale said that his members feel “alienated” by liberalism.

“We may have gotten too close to one party,” he said. “We should be for people who are for us, regardless of party label.”

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO worked hard to get Hillary Clinton and Democratic Senate nominee Katie McGinty elected in 2016. The union organized more than 10,000 volunteers and aimed to mobilize 450,000 voters to support the Democratic ticket, according to an October 26 press release. The union also sent out 580,000 mailers to union members and households touting Clinton’s candidacy.

After speaking with union rank and file, Bloomingdale said that the union’s past strategy may have further alienated members. He said that union leadership plans to do a better job of listening to the concerns of their members, rather than attempting to dictate to them.

“I think we were speaking too much at them, rather than having conversations with them,” he said.

There is little doubt that an increased percentage of rank and file union members voting for Donald Trump put him over the top in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

What does it mean?  It means union leadership which, for decades, has worked hand in hand with the Democrat Party, has a situation.  A serious one.

How do they justify using virtually all the money for political advocacy to elect people from a party which so many of the people paying dues, thus supplying that money, rejects?


Did you know that, according to exit polling, Donald Trump won 43% of union households?  Did you know the 8% disparity is the closest Republicans have come to Democrats among union members since Ronald Reagan in 1980?

Here, take a look for yourself:


Why do you suppose?  Is it just that Hillary Clinton was a lousy candidate?  Or was it that, more and more, Democrats have moved away from the values that so many union members are likely to have?

Can you look at that chart and see a reason for virtually ever union dollar going to Democrats?

Personally, I doubt that – at least as of now – Rick Bloomingdale is doing much more than blowing smoke.  He is, I am sure, hoping his little speech will force Democrats to at least pay a little more lip service to working people, thus enabling him to support Democrats next year.  Business as usual.

But, then again, I could be wrong about Bloomingdale.  Plus, Democrats – despite the party’s new slogan, – might miscalculate and continue their leftward lurch away from union workers’ values, forcing him to seriously consider at least a partial change of direction.

Let’s keep an eye on this one.

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