The following excerpts from Jazz Shaw’s blog at hotair.com do not, apparently, have anything to do with voter fraud.

Or do they?

First, the excerpts:

In case you didn’t have enough government news guaranteed to either annoy or enrage you, try this one on for size. Turns out you really can’t assume anything these days. (Free Beacon)

The Department of Housing and Urban Development spent over $500,000 on apartments for people who “did not exist,” according to the agency’s inspector general.

An audit released last month found that managers of Section 8 housing in Jefferson County, Texas, defrauded the government by stealing the identities of former tenants and falsifying incomes.

The government subsidizes the rent of 99 units at Beverly Place Apartments in Groves, Texas, and paid the complex $1.8 million between January 2013 and December 2015.

 They assert that the owner billed the government for 97 tenants who either “did not exist or whose income eligibility was either falsified or unsupported.” In other words, some of the residents of Beverly Place probably earned too much money to qualify for subsidized housing. And for the rest of the units, the people supposedly living there were entirely fictional or had moved out some time ago. But the owner was still billing Uncle Sam (or, in other words, billing you the taxpayers) and essentially just pocketing the cash.

In the case of Beverly Place and the HUD money involved we may have “only” been talking about half a million dollars, but the total being siphoned off of all government assistance programs is staggering. One 2015 report from ABC News revealed that in Medicare alone, there was an estimated $60B (yes, that’s “billion” with a “B”) lost to fraudulent charges in 2014. The rest of the social safety net programs are similarly vulnerable. 

I hope what you just read enrages you.  Because it should.

But now let’s talk about what it means regarding voter fraud.

If it is this easy to steal this much money from government programs which require massive paper trails, how easy do you think it is to illegally vote when, in so many places around the country, there is no requirement to even provide an ID to show who voters are?

And if individuals who have no interest but lining their own pockets can – and do – steal from the government so easily, how easy do you think it is for political groups with ulterior motives and connections in government to facilitate illegal voting?

And if, when given the chance, upwards of 60 BILLION dollars can be stolen from government programs in a year, why would anyone in his or her right mind not assume that, if given the chance, with no safeguards to prevent it, voter fraud is not every bit as commonplace?

Finally, if all this is true, then why would one political party – the Democrat Party – fight tooth and nail to prevent safeguards, such as voter ID requirements, from being put in place?

Can you think of any reason other than than their assumption that they are the primary beneficiaries of illegal voting?

That is why the fraud you read about above is directly related to voter fraud.  And the sooner we do whatever is necessary to prevent it from happening, the more honest our elections will be.

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