Jeff Sessions, put in a difficult spot at the beginning of his time as Attorney General, recused himself from involvement in the Russian collusion investigation,.

He was correct to do so.

Since then he has aggressively gone after illegal aliens, giving ICE the support the Obama administration withheld, put the MS-13 gang on notice that their free ride is ended, and is now aggressively going after leakers within the administration who are, illegally, providing damaging information to President Trump’s political opponents.

But President Trump, as the main event of the Russia collusion investigation, wishes AG Sessions had not recused himself and, instead, ridden herd on Independent Counsel Robert Mueller.  So he is on a mission to publicly humiliate Mr. Sessions into resigning.

Mr. Trump is acting not like a President, but like a child who didn’t get his way.

And if he succeeds, we will lose an Attorney General who – unlike the last two – is actually DOING the things an AG should be doing.

If at all possible, Mr. Trump, try to contain your ego, your bruised feelings, in this one instance and leave the man you yourself selected to do his job.

You’re the President of the United States.  For God sake, GROW UP.

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