Information on the trade of five terrorists held at Guantanamo for captured Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are is still coming together – and is therefore sketchy and may be wrong. 

But what seems to be the case – again, I say seems to be the case – is that President Obama ordered this swap without bothering to tell congress – which is required by law.

There are also reports that Bergdahl was a deserter who willingly left his unit and went AWOL after writing to his parents that he was “ashamed to be an American”.

If these preliminary reports are true, it means that the President of the United States broke the law in order to hand terrorists to the Taliban, so that we could retrieve a “soldier” who walked out on his unit and was ashamed of the country he was supposed to be serving.

Personally, I am rooting for none of this to be true.  Because I do not want to believe that our President, no matter who he is and how much or little (in this case, little) I like him, could do such a thing.

I will blog more about this as information becomes available.

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