Yesterday ABC News reported that Michael Flynn had agreed to testify that Donald Trump directed him to make contact with Russians.

This “news” was met with unbridled glee from a mainstream media giddily happy to immediately report it as fact, along with ominous suggestions about what it would lead to. for Trump & Co.

And the stock market, which had again reached a new high (there have been almost 70 new highs since Trump was elected) dropped like a rock.

And the cable-news left was orgasmic.  The end of Trump was near!!!


…hours later there was this statement from ABC News:

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Translation:  Candidate Donald Trump did no such thing.  But after the election was won, President-elect Trump asked his then-incoming National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, to contact Russia regarding the fight against ISIS.

In other words, everything that was reported was wrong.

But, in the minds of countless people, this “fact” will, most assuredly, remain in their memory vault, to be brought back during next year’s campaign by candidates who don’t care if it is true as long as low-information voters think it is.

This is exactly what Donald Trump rails about as “fake news”.   And, whatever else you think of him, in this case he has a clear, valid point.

Put another way, how many stories – later retracted because they were in error – have mainstream media put out about Donald Trump that cast him in a positive rather than negative light?  I’m betting you can’t think of even one.

When mistakes are made for both sides, it is happenstance.  When the mistakes only occur for one side, it is an agenda.

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