lois “liar” lerner, execrable former head of the IRS Tax Exempt Dvision, wants to keep the “information” she provided in her depositions secret.

Why?  Well, not because here testimony was fraudulent, of course.  Not because it is clear she illegally acted as an Obama surrogate rather than a neutral official.  Not because she participated in weaponizing the IRS to support President Obama’s 2012 election campaign at the expense of Mitt Romney.  No no no, that had nothing to do with anything, you see.

The reason is that if people knew what she said, she’d receive threats.  So let’s just keep it between us, OK?

Excerpted from Stephen Dinan’s article for the Washington Times:

The threats that former IRS senior executive Lois G. Lerner says are serious enough to keep her court depositions forever secret date back to 2014, and she hasn’t shown any new threats, according to new court documents filed late Thursday.

Ms. Lerner and her key deputy, Holly Paz, have demanded a judge forever seal their depositions and parts of any documents that mention those depositions, saying they fear for their safety.

But the harassment they point to as evidence is more than three years old and dates back to the most heated days of the debate over the IRS’s illegal targeting of tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, according to new documents opposing the secrecy request.

The secrecy battle is one of the remaining issues in a class action lawsuit covering hundreds of tea party groups that faced illegal scrutiny in their nonprofit status applications.

The Trump administration reached settlements earlier this year admitting the behavior — which occurred in the Obama administration — was wrong, and putting particular blame on Ms. Lerner, saying she not only didn’t stop the targeting but hid the behavior from her superiors.

What a hot, steamy load this is.  And what a dishonest, disgusting person lois lerner is.

I still remember her “testimony” to the House Oversight Committee, in which she showed up, gave her side of the story, and then arrogantly told the committee members she would not answer any of their questions.

The day that justice catches up with this prime example of what is wrong with government will be a very happy one for me, and anyone else who cares about integrity.

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