Today’s paragraphs come to us from Andrew McCarthy, writing for National Review.

It is well worth your while to read Mr. McCarthy’s entire article by clicking here.  But let me show you how he sums it up:

Understand: If Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador had evinced the existence of a quid pro quo collusion arrangement — that the Trump administration would ease or eliminate sanctions on Russia as a payback for Russia’s cyber-espionage against the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic party — it would have been completely appropriate, even urgently necessary, for the Obama Justice Department to investigate Flynn. But if that had happened, Mueller would not be permitting Flynn to settle the case with a single count of lying to FBI agents. Instead, we would be looking at a major conspiracy indictment, and Flynn would be made to plead to far more serious offenses if he wanted a deal — cooperation in exchange for sentencing leniency.

To the contrary, for all the furor, we have a small-potatoes plea in Flynn’s case — just as we did in Papadopoulos’s case, despite extensive “collusion” evidence. Meanwhile, the only major case Mueller has brought, against former Trump-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and an associate, has nothing to do with the 2016 election. It is becoming increasingly palpable that, whatever “collusion” means, there was no actionable, conspiratorial complicity by the Trump campaign in the Kremlin’s machinations.


After over a year of Democrats trying to sell us on collusion between Trump and Russia, and after a half a year of Robert Mueller, and his band of Democrat staff members, given free reign to investigate, the sum total of evidence against Trump & Co. is…..nothing.

Contrast that with the roadblocks put up every step of the way by the Clinton administration during Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s investigation and what he came up with.  Then contrast the quality of media coverage each investigation received.  That should clear up any doubts about media bias you might have.

I award Andrew McCarthy Paragraphs Of The Day honors for pointing out what any reasonable person should know by now:  the Trump/Russia collusion story is a hot steamy load of what bulls produce after meals.


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