I have very little time to blog right now.

But regarding Michael Flynn’s statement that then-candidate Donald Trump directed him to speak to Russia…

So what?

Michael Flynn was to become Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser.  OF COURSE he would be asked to speak to Russia.

If it can be shown that Flynn was directed to speak only to Russia, that would be a tip-off that there is more to this.  Ditto if it can be shown that Trump directed Flynn to discuss some kind of illegal or unethical collusion (which, even if Trump had done so, would be impossible to prove without a paper trail).

But if Russia were just one of the countries that he was asked to speak to, along with other countries?  Then it’s a big fat nothing.  It would have been bigger news if he hadn’t been asked to do so.

Now let’s see how many media venues report this obvious reality.

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  • Even Drudge is making this seem like big news instead of business as usual. The media will dishonestly report this and use it to bring Trump down, I am certain of it. Republicans and Democrats in government seem to all agree they hate Trump and want him gone. Even the people in his administration don’t think he should be president. When they succeed in getting rid of Trump it will be the day I give up and stop giving a damn about this country. They can have it.

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