Not content with attacking President Trump’s wife, Melania, for her involvement in decorating the White House for Christmas, we now find out, from at least one media source, that his daughter, Ivanka, is a plagiarist.

With the headline “Ivanka Trump plagiarizes one of her own speeches in India”, what is left of Newsweek Magazine assailed Ivanka for making a speech in India that included verbiage used in a speech she previously made in Japan.

In other words, Ivanka Trump Kushner (that’s her name these days, Newsweek) is guilty of plagiarizing…Ivanka Trump Kushner.

This, folks, is equivalent to attacking Hillary Clinton as a plagiarist because she had a stump speech.  Or  attacking Bruce Springsteen as a plagiarist for singing songs in tonight’s concert that he sang in previous ones.

No doubt because it was shamed into doing so, Newsweek has since changed the headline of its article to “Ivanka Trump Recycles One Of Her Own Speeches In India”, with the body text reworked to try and make it come across as more reasonable, more sane, less detached from reality.

It didn’t work.  The article is still attacking Ivanka Trump Kushner for the “crime” of saying the same thing one time that she said another time.

Do the terms “beyond idiotic” and “hate-filled” ring a bell here?

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